Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chickens: A Week in the Life of a Happily Retired Hen

Its a week today since I went to collect our new girls. I am amazed at how well they've settled in, they seem to be flourishing; they all have very different "hen-alities" which is like a personality but for chickens! 

They are behaving like real chickens, pecking at the grass and after 5 days they have learnt to go to bed when it gets dark! I think the pecking order has been arranged with minimal fuss, although we did see Custard throwing her weight around a couple of times. We managed to get their coloured leg rings on so we know who is who, only to find out that we don't need them anymore as we can recognise them by their individual features. Custard is the largest girl, the most ginger and has a really big, floppy comb that moves like Michael McIntyres hair when she walks. Omelette has the smallest comb and seems to be the shyest of our ladies, but also the noisiest. Benni seems to be the middle hen, she is confident and keen to explore and it looks like she's friendly with the other two.

On Friday we let them "free-range" in the garden for a while for the first time, and this is their story...

Custard and Benni eggsperience their first taste of freedom outside of the chicken run.  At this time Omelette was in the coop making an eggstremely loud screeching noise. I'm not sure if she was warning us off, or trying to convince the other girls not to go out.
Getting braver...
"Come on Omelette, its not that bad out here"
Omelette, finally braving the outside world.
Omelette exploring the vegetable patch; after walking through the onions, she forced her way through the potato plants pretending to be a pheasant running through the undergrowth.
Being "moved along" away from the veggies by her new Daddy! Notice how they are both walking in step!
Custard gets to know Daddy a bit better while she has her leg ring fitted.
Custard and Benni having a stroll together around the garden. They were  inseparable on this first trip out.
Benni in blue and Custard in yellow. Wonder what they were talking about!
Custard checking out the perimeter! We wondered if they could be plotting a Chicken Run-esque escape attempt...
Today we got up extra early to let them out and clean the coop, before our other little girl woke up! So free ranging again, and Custard did in fact manage to escape into our neighbours garden through a tiny gap in the fence, which has now been fixed! Luckily, Inca, their frisky Dalmatian was not up and out! Although I'm sure Custard would have fended her off. She gave us a display of feistiness earlier when a blackbird landed in the garden. I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of the fierce, flapping charge that she did across the full width of the garden!

And now the Week in Eggs....

  • Sunday           3
  • Monday         3
  • Tuesday         3
  • Wednesday    2
  • Thursday        2
  • Friday            3
  • Saturday        2 (so far...)
Grand Total = 18!!!

We've eaten 4, and sold 5, and made £1.50, which will go towards their food and bedding...

Think we are going to enjoy looking after these girlies :-)


  1. Some egg-sellent pictures especially the ones with me in!!

  2. Impressed - and I enjoyed my egg and soldiers.